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Types of auto glass replacement shops to avoid!

windshield replacementThe best windshield replacement services will ONLY be in the business of auto glass repair or replacement, and possess a particular set of skills and experience in these repairs.

There are dishonest companies in cities like Jacksonville offering low price windshield replacement. To sidestep problems, keep this helpful list of tips for choosing a windshield repair shop close.


  • Research how long the mobile windshield replacement company has been in operation.
  • Verify that all auto glass installers employed by the repair shop are qualified and certified.
  • Do not purchase replacement automobile glass directly from a car dealer. The car lot on-site repair shop will charge a lot more than the current market rate for OEM replacement auto glass.
  • Avoid windshield replacement companies that do not offer OEM parts. All OEM replacement parts are produced by the manufacturer of the original automobile parts. Ask what type of auto glass the windshield replacement service intends to use.
  • Be wary of repair companies offering additional FREE services. You only need a windshield replacement, and there will always be an additional fee for any additional service at these shops!

This information will help you avoid windshield repair shops that will do a substandard job or charge your insurance provider too much money for an easy repair!

Heat and windshield damage

broken windshieldAll of us can agree, the last several days have been hot! The bad part is, if it is anything like a typical Florida summer, it does not look like relief will be arriving until at least October. As you head to your car or truck for lunch break, you are getting ready for a nasty blast of heat. It gets extremely hot in any vehicle, so we get a lot of people posing the question, can summer weather hurt my windshield? Can the heat make my windshield crack?

The answer is, “yeah,” it can crack a windshield, but it does not happen often. Heat damage is more likely to occur in older cars than newer models, and there needs to be a pre-existing condition. For hot weather to play a role in the destruction of your windshield, there needs to be a stone chip you chose to ignore. A windshield without a chip or crack will not shatter due to exposure to direct sunlight.

When you have a small crack, you choose to ignore due to inconvenience associated with replacement, even though we offer a free mobile service, it can spread due to temperature variations when you crank the AC. Hot temperatures mixed with good AC and a chipped or cracked windshield can result in an outright shattered windshield that will still require our assistance as soon as possible!

Do not worry, this chip or crack will not be a lasting problem for you or your budget! The team from Windshields Florida Style will help minimize costs and concerns for Florida automobile drivers with a heat damaged windshield by:

  • Explaining that deductibles do not apply.
  • Explaining that your premiums will NOT rise for auto glass replacement.
  • Working directly with your Florida insurance provider to handle the windshield replacement.
  • Bringing you a check and a gift card at the time of replacement, with qualifying insurance.

The team from Windshields Florida Style offers anyone with a chipped or cracked windshield a convenient free mobile auto glass replacement option in Tampa Bay, Orlando or Jacksonville.