About Us

We are the people who understand that regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration clearly state the requirements for windshield conditions and visibility across the United States. We also recognize that the same regulations require the State of Florida to enforce the rules. A motor vehicle windshield must not be or have:

  • Cracks that intersect one another.
  • Cracks that can easily be covered by a disc that is 3/4” in diameter.
  • Discolored with the exception of non-reflective tint that is allowed above the car manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

Keep in mind, your windshield serves as a key structural component in the safety in your vehicle as it helps maintain roof integrity in a rollover, and it helps minimize vehicle ejections. Now is the time to get your windshield replaced to ensure the safety of your loved ones!

The most common call we get from around the Tampa Bay, Orlando and Jacksonville areas is to replace a damaged windshield. All it takes is for your car windshield to be hit by an errant pebble kicked-up by a lawn services truck, and your once flawless windshield is a dangerous eyesore. If you have a damaged or cracked windshield, we need to be your first call! We will come to you with premium quality replacement parts, with our free mobile service and lifetime warranty all at no cost to you, if you have full coverage insurance.

With qualifying insurance, we will give you up to $100.00 cash on the spot as a special thank you! We also give all qualifying clients a $100.00 restaurant Discount Card!