Auto glass replacement and RV insurance

RV auto glassIn the realm of automobile insurance, it can be difficult to determine what type of policy is best for you and how its policies will apply to certain situations. Determining whether the policy will cover repair or replacement of a chipped or cracked windshield makes matters no clearer. We will try to help you understand how your RV insurance coverage might apply when you deal with Windshields Florida Style.

Understanding comprehensive insurance coverage

An RV owner will want to maintain a comprehensive coverage policy if they have a loan on their vehicle, the vehicle is a new model or the out-of-pocket expense of a replacement vehicle would be too great. Comprehensive vehicle coverage is more expensive because the insurance company may be at least partially responsible for the repair of more than just your RV. A comprehensive insurance policy will allow you to save from paying fully out-of-pocket for the replacement or repair of your vehicle.

A comprehensive insurance policy and windshield replacement or repair

A comprehensive automobile insurance policy will cover auto glass repair or replacement when a chipped, cracked or broken windshield has been caused by nearly anything aside from a collision. If you reside in Florida, your deductible does not apply, and your rates will not increase.

Windshields Florida Style offers affordable RV windshield replacement services from hub locations like Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Orlando. It is our job to work directly with your RV insurance provider and make the process of a windshield repair hassle-free. Please make a telephone call to 813-358-3476 to speak with one of our customer service specialists about scheduling an appointment for a mobile windshield replacement.