How much will windshield replacement cost?

cracked focus windshieldIs a broken windshield covered by my automobile insurance policy?

A crack in your windshield can feel like a minor issue compared to totaling your Kia in a car accident, but it will likely warrant filing an insurance claim. A larger crack or a totally shattered windshield should be looked at by an auto glass specialist before you can safely, and possibly legally, get behind the wheel.

The positive news is that if you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy, it should cover a replacement windshield!

Almost all shattered windshield glass will fall under the comprehensive physical damage portion of a full coverage car insurance policy. In all of Florida, your insurance policy will not require you to pay a $250 to $1,000 deductible for replacement, unless the damage was incurred in a collision. It is important to understand that a liability insurance policy will not cover the expense of a windshield replacement.

How much will it cost me to replace my damaged windshield?

If you reside in a Florida city like Tampa, and you maintain a comprehensive insurance policy on your Focus, you will be able to get a replacement windshield free of charge. Should the damage have occurred in a collision, or you only have a liability policy, you will want to contact Windshields Florida Style to discuss the out-of-pocket expense.

Local auto glass pros from Windshields Florida Style are prepared to help pickup truck and RV owners in cities like Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa schedule a windshield replacement. Be sure to ask us about getting up to $100 and a gift card at the time of installation. Call 813-358-3476 today!