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Will they pay for my new windshield?

automobile windshieldWill my automobile insurance company pay to replace my damaged windshield?

If you currently maintain a comprehensive insurance policy, your Florida insurance provider will pay for a new windshield. There will be no deductible charged unless the damage is the result of an automobile accident.

What will my automobile insurance company pay for if I only maintain liability coverage?

Windshield and auto glass replacement services are not covered under most Florida liability insurance policies. A liability insurance policy will only provide coverage for damages that done to another vehicle.

Can my insurance provider tell me I need to visit one particular windshield repair shop?

They cannot direct you to a particular auto glass repair shop. You have the right to decide if you will be scheduling an appointment with Windshields Florida Style for your auto glass replacement.

Will the team from Windshields Florida Style handle my insurance claim?

Yes! You can consider our team to be the experts at verifying insurance coverage, filing the claim and handling all of the paperwork. All you will need to do is provide us with the name of your information provider, policy information and an approximate date the damage occurred. Windshields Florida Style will take care of the rest!

We are ready to schedule your windshield replacement, all you need to do is give us a call at 813-358-3476. If you prefer online contact, click here!

Windshield replacement questions!

windshield faqDo you have questions about windshield replacement? Take a few minutes to review our auto glass FAQ’s to clarify things.

Will my replacement windshield from Windshields Florida Style be covered under a warranty?

Yes! Each replacement RV windshield installed by the Windshields Florida Style team is covered by a warranty.

Will Windshields Florida Style handle the insurance claim and paperwork for me?

Yes, our team works closely with all major insurance providers. In most instances, we will file the claim for you. In situations where we are unable to file the claim on your behalf, a member of our team will guide you through the process of filing a claim to ensure it progresses smoothly.

Does Windshields Florida Style offer a free mobile service for replacement of windshields?

As a service to local customers in Tampa, Orlando or Jacksonville, we complete most windshield installations at a convenient location for no additional charge. A windshield replacement should not mean you need to lose a day waiting around!

How long will it take to install my new windshield?

A windshield replacement normally takes about forty-five minutes. It is a good idea to double check how soon after installation it is safe to drive your vehicle.

How do I contact Windshields Florida Style to schedule a windshield replacement?

We are prepared to schedule your auto glass replacement, all you need to do is call us at 813-358-3476. If you would prefer to initiate contact online, click here!

Auto glass replacement and RV insurance

RV auto glassIn the realm of automobile insurance, it can be difficult to determine what type of policy is best for you and how its policies will apply to certain situations. Determining whether the policy will cover repair or replacement of a chipped or cracked windshield makes matters no clearer. We will try to help you understand how your RV insurance coverage might apply when you deal with Windshields Florida Style.

Understanding comprehensive insurance coverage

An RV owner will want to maintain a comprehensive coverage policy if they have a loan on their vehicle, the vehicle is a new model or the out-of-pocket expense of a replacement vehicle would be too great. Comprehensive vehicle coverage is more expensive because the insurance company may be at least partially responsible for the repair of more than just your RV. A comprehensive insurance policy will allow you to save from paying fully out-of-pocket for the replacement or repair of your vehicle.

A comprehensive insurance policy and windshield replacement or repair

A comprehensive automobile insurance policy will cover auto glass repair or replacement when a chipped, cracked or broken windshield has been caused by nearly anything aside from a collision. If you reside in Florida, your deductible does not apply, and your rates will not increase.

Windshields Florida Style offers affordable RV windshield replacement services from hub locations like Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Orlando. It is our job to work directly with your RV insurance provider and make the process of a windshield repair hassle-free. Please make a telephone call to 813-358-3476 to speak with one of our customer service specialists about scheduling an appointment for a mobile windshield replacement.

Auto glass replacement and insurance premiums

rv autoglassWill my insurance policy cover my RV or automobile windshield replacement?

Auto glass is found under the comprehensive section of a vehicle policy. If you are driving with a comprehensive insurance policy, your windshield replacement should be covered unless a collision caused the damage. It is important to note that in Florida, you will not subject to paying a deductible for an RV or automobile windshield replacement.

Will filing a claim for an RV windshield replacement affect my insurance premium?

In Florida, an insurance claim for a replacement windshield will not have a negative impact on your insurance policy premium. To verify there will be no increase in your insurance premium, check with your insurance company directly or request that the team from Windshields Florida Style contact your provider.

Will windshield replacement be covered if I only have liability coverage on my vehicle?

A liability insurance policy only covers damages to other individuals and vehicles, meaning a windshield repair or any other type of auto glass service will not be covered under this type of policy.

The team from Windshields Florida Style is prepared to help RV and automobile owners speedily deal with cracked auto glass in or around Tampa Bay, Orlando or Jacksonville. Ask about our policy of bringing anyone with qualifying insurance up to $100 and a restaurant.com gift card, at the time of installation, when you call 813-358-3476 to schedule a windshield replacement.

Types of auto glass replacement shops to avoid!

windshield replacementThe best windshield replacement services will ONLY be in the business of auto glass repair or replacement, and possess a particular set of skills and experience in these repairs.

There are dishonest companies in cities like Jacksonville offering low price windshield replacement. To sidestep problems, keep this helpful list of tips for choosing a windshield repair shop close.


  • Research how long the mobile windshield replacement company has been in operation.
  • Verify that all auto glass installers employed by the repair shop are qualified and certified.
  • Do not purchase replacement automobile glass directly from a car dealer. The car lot on-site repair shop will charge a lot more than the current market rate for OEM replacement auto glass.
  • Avoid windshield replacement companies that do not offer OEM parts. All OEM replacement parts are produced by the manufacturer of the original automobile parts. Ask what type of auto glass the windshield replacement service intends to use.
  • Be wary of repair companies offering additional FREE services. You only need a windshield replacement, and there will always be an additional fee for any additional service at these shops!

This information will help you avoid windshield repair shops that will do a substandard job or charge your insurance provider too much money for an easy repair!

Heat and windshield damage

broken windshieldAll of us can agree, the last several days have been hot! The bad part is, if it is anything like a typical Florida summer, it does not look like relief will be arriving until at least October. As you head to your car or truck for lunch break, you are getting ready for a nasty blast of heat. It gets extremely hot in any vehicle, so we get a lot of people posing the question, can summer weather hurt my windshield? Can the heat make my windshield crack?

The answer is, “yeah,” it can crack a windshield, but it does not happen often. Heat damage is more likely to occur in older cars than newer models, and there needs to be a pre-existing condition. For hot weather to play a role in the destruction of your windshield, there needs to be a stone chip you chose to ignore. A windshield without a chip or crack will not shatter due to exposure to direct sunlight.

When you have a small crack, you choose to ignore due to inconvenience associated with replacement, even though we offer a free mobile service, it can spread due to temperature variations when you crank the AC. Hot temperatures mixed with good AC and a chipped or cracked windshield can result in an outright shattered windshield that will still require our assistance as soon as possible!

Do not worry, this chip or crack will not be a lasting problem for you or your budget! The team from Windshields Florida Style will help minimize costs and concerns for Florida automobile drivers with a heat damaged windshield by:

  • Explaining that deductibles do not apply.
  • Explaining that your premiums will NOT rise for auto glass replacement.
  • Working directly with your Florida insurance provider to handle the windshield replacement.
  • Bringing you a check and a restaurant.com gift card at the time of replacement, with qualifying insurance.

The team from Windshields Florida Style offers anyone with a chipped or cracked windshield a convenient free mobile auto glass replacement option in Tampa Bay, Orlando or Jacksonville.

4th of July windshield special!

4th of July windshield special!The 4th of July is typically associated with picnics, baseball games, family barbecues, fireworks and road trips to the nearest local fun spot. If you have a chipped or cracked windshield, we need to be your first call BEFORE you pack swim fins and pool toys for the holiday trip. Windshields Florida Style will come to you with premium OEM replacement parts to do a quick, high-quality car windshield replacement! With qualifying insurance, Windshields Florida Style will give you up to $100 cash at the time of your windshield repair as a special thank you in honor of Independence Day!

Seven reasons to choose Windshields Florida Style

shattered windshieldsPersonalized customer care!
The team from Windshields Florida Style treats you the way you deserve to and expect to be treated. If, for some odd reason, you are not satisfied, we satisfactorily resolve the issue as soon as possible!

Assistance filing your insurance claim!
Windshields Florida Style will help file your insurance claim with any automobile insurance provider in Florida.

We help you better understand your insurance!
Many Florida drivers do not realize that their insurance premium will not increase, and the deductible does not apply if a replacement windshield is required.

Your time matters, we will bring the windshield to you!
The team from Windshields Florida Style offers a free mobile service, meaning we will meet you at a location of your choice to install the new windshield.

We live and work in the region, so we want you to choose us again!
All replacement glass offered by Windshields Florida Style is OEM and backed by a lifetime warranty because we are not happy unless you are safe and satisfied with your new windshield. If it is chipped or cracked, we will buy it back!

We arrive bearing checks and gift cards for drivers with qualifying insurance!
Our installation technician will arrive with a check of up to $100.00 and a gift card for restaurant.com for anyone with qualifying insurance. As of June 15, 2015, we have provided our customers 30,000 checks and 60,000 gift cards on the spot!

Our windshield replacement company is the best in the region, and we intend to remain #1!
We opened Windshields Florida Style with the goal of leaving your car, truck or RV better than before the damage occurred. 50,000 windshield replacements later, we are the largest independent auto glass replacement company in Tampa Bay!

The team from Windshields Florida Style also offers car, truck and RV owners a free mobile windshield replacement option in Orlando or Jacksonville!

Is it time to replace my car windshield?

damaged windshieldWhen is the right time to replace a windshield?

Most people who have driven a car for years are familiar with the sharp crack a rock makes when it flies into their windshield. At one time, the only method by which the damage could be repaired was a full windshield removal and replacement no matter how insignificant the damage. Thanks to new windshield repair techniques, many people have managed to save a windshield by timely intervention. However, glass repair methods can only accomplish so much. Depending on where the damage is located and its severity, it will likely be necessary to replace the windshield.

What are the limitations of windshield repair?

If a windshield chip goes just as deep as the plastic layer, in most instances, it can be safely repaired. However, in situations in which both layers of glass are damaged, repair is not a good option. A windshield is fully beyond repair if damage has caused a change to the structural integrity, or it obscures the driver’s view. This can include damage that manifests as a long crack or a deep chip.

When is it time to replace my automobile windshield?

There are three different considerations one must take into account when looking into windshield replacement:

  • The extent of the damage.
  • The location of the damage.
  • The size of the area damaged.

Damage that is located on the edges of a windshield weaken the structural strength of the car windshield. In nearly all cases, it is a good idea to replace the windshield rather than repair. If a crack has spread to the point it obstructs the view for the driver, it is recommended for purposes of safety and typically required by law to replace the windshield. A crack that has been allowed to spread a long distance is also typically irreparable.

It is important to understand that a damaged or cracked windshield poses a potential safety hazard. Most automobile insurance policies will cover the full cost of a windshield replacement, there is NO reason for you to be driving around with an unsafe or damaged windshield.

The team from Windshields Florida Style offers car, truck and RV owners a free mobile windshield replacement option in Tampa Bay, Orlando or Jacksonville!

Should I replace or repair my windshield?

cracked windshieldHow do I know it is time for my windshield to be replaced rather than just repaired?

First, it is best if you understand the difference between windshield repair and windshield replacement, they are very different processes.

The windshield repair process:

Windshield repair is usually performed on a chip or crack that is smaller than a dollar bill. During the repair process, a trained technician will drill into the chip in the windshield to allow for a smoother flow of the resin. The technician then vacuums all air from the chip or break and injects the resin to seal the crack tightly.

The windshield replacement process:

Full windshield replacement involves the removal of the cracked or chipped windshield and installation of a new windshield. The replacement of a damaged windshield typically requires that it was deeply chipped, spider webbed or completely broken.

After our automobile glass technician removes the damaged windshield, the vehicle frame will be cleaned and prepared for installation. The technician will then apply a urethane bead on the automobile frame to bond the fresh windshield to the car. You will be told you need to allow time for the urethane to cure before driving from the installation location to your home or place of business.

If I get a crack or chip in my windshield, should I just hope for the best?

A crack or chip will not go away, and few people act quickly enough to have it repaired before the crack reaches the point of no return. Windshield replacement is the only option once damage grows larger than a dollar bill. This is because an automobile windshield is composed of two glass layers with a vinyl layer between both. If water makes its way between the cracks, it will cause damage to the vinyl, and compromise vehicle safety.

If you are not sure whether a windshield repair or replacement is best, be sure to review what we offer with a full replacement. Where your car is concerned, it is always better to side with safety!