Three reasons to promptly schedule a windshield replacement!

windshield replacementChipped or cracked windshield? Three reasons to promptly schedule a windshield replacement!

Driving daily takes a toll on your automobile. It might feel like you can drive safely with a small crack or chip in your windshield. However, Windshields Florida Style has three reasons why it is a solid idea to get a new windshield installed upon discovering damage:

A chip can turn into a crack.

The small windshield chip caused by a piece of gravel does not look all that significant, but we all know that looks can be deceiving! Minor fluctuations in daily temperature or undue stress placed upon the windshield frame can transform a chip into a large crack at any time.

A windshield crack will impede your vision.

A crack that runs directly through your line of sight might not be immediately visible during any daytime driving but, at night, a small crack can fragment the light produced from oncoming traffic. It is also possible for a windshield crack to obscure smaller obstacles in the road, leading to a potential collision.

Your windshield is a structural element.

A high-strength windshield will definitely allow you to see oncoming traffic and obstacles on the road, but it also acts as an integral component in your vehicle’s strength by supporting the roof. A chip/crack in the windshield will have a negative impact on the integrity of the vehicle structure because it decreases the twisting rigidity and make your truck or car more unsafe in a rollover.

To keep your vehicle safe, and avoid potential fines, consult a specialist from Windshields Florida Style to schedule an appointment for a windshield replacement. We are prepared to make your appointment, all you need to do is call us today at 813-358-3476. If you would rather schedule the appointment online, click here!